Giant Schnauzer black -PSK-VDH-FCI

About us

In 1983 the first Giant Schnauzer came into our family.We was looking for a dog for our two children who was 10 and 12 years.It must be big,be found of children and easy to live in our home.So it was our first thought,that we are interested in a Giant Schnauzer, because it was easy to clean his hears and he is very friendly to our children.We were very impressed of our dog and so we bought an second, 3 years later.This dog was so beautiful so we decided to go to a dog-show.We crossed the whole shows of Europe with our second Giant Schnauzer “ Jenna vom Stiegel.We win a lot of prices.

So it comes that many interested people asked me why don`t have puppies? It needs a little time to think about this before we decided to breed our own dogs.Our first puppies was born on the 22.May 1990.Now we can say that many beautiful puppies of our breeding would become very famous.They have won national and international price or are champion.

The range of using our dogs is between family-dog,security dog and life guard`s of the Red Cross.Many dogs have a lot of fun by dog-sport events and was very succesful.Our interest in our breeding is to look for lucky healthy and beautiful family dogs.So we are very critical of deciding the right parents of the puppy.Breeding this wonderfuls dogs is our greatest hobby.

By the time 3 Giant Schnauzer live in our family.only girls.All bitch are living with the puppies in our house.

We have a special interest in the new dog-owner:

.First they must very responsible

.Second they must have a BIG love for dogs

.Third they must have enough time

After given the dogs to your new family we don`t want to loose the contact with them.

We take our working as a breeder very responsible.We are a member of the German Pinscher-Schnauzer-Club since many years.

I especially can say,that I have caused of my own parents,a long time living with dogs         .


So I have many practically things which can help you to live with a dog in your family

yours Christel Kolberg


Giant Schnauzer from our Kennel live all over the world.For examble in:

Austria-Bahrain-Brazil-France-Italy-Luxembourg-Spain-Switzerland-Thailand and USA ( California-Florida-Montana )

We offer:

.Puppies from first-class breeding

.Parents of the puppies from champion-breeding

.Puppies with excellent nature

.The puppies are only handed over the age of 10 weeks

.Stamping of the puppies after most modern cynological realiziations

.Ears uncropped-Tail undocked ( cropped and docked is in Germany illegal )