Giant Schnauzer black -PSK-VDH-FCI

Lifetime with Giant Schnauzer-a photo says more than 1000 words

Tatiana von der Waldbachsenke
UNIQUE von der Waldbachsenke
Belle Noire
power in Switzerland-YUMA & Kendra
beginnig your LIFE with a Giant
the family
love Giants childrens ???? Yes,yes,yes
Yavas Ruby
WOW-looks so the paradise ??
love Giants other animals ??? Yes,yes,yes
Max-the bootsmen
Belle Noire & Yavas Ruby
RAYBANE von der Waldbachsenke
Princess on bord
OLEG & Chiara
Schatzie & Hunter
Perra the Lifeguard
Robin and his family
we are the best
my  best babysitter-Daphne Daphne is on the pic 10 years
Raja NOVA von der Waldbachsenke
Hi,Im Thor with 7 months
OLEG flirtet in France
Hi,I`m Picco
knight in shining armor
mountain rescue service-Marek and friends
Don`t forgot me
WOW-what a pic
under wolves ?????
Tatiana and her Mom-sends snow -greetings from Montana USA
ROBIN & his family great love-Paul & York