Giant Schnauzer black -PSK-VDH-FCI

diary from the little G´s

* August 6. 2013

we start a new story

our mummy Amy is very happy

newborn puppies

for the many congratulations- thank you so very much

dad Faust oline present :-))

Yavas Ruby & Belle Noire was the first felicitators

Hi-we are 1 week

we to drink mum-milk,sleep & grow

the first exciting week is over

our eys are open

first milk from plate

we are two week - today

dad Faust to holiday in Denmark & to send greetings

mom Amy to take her job with her so sweet puppies

out from the box

we start to play- we are 3 weeks

Hi-we are back - to look closely - we are grown :-))

visitors are here - we have fun :-))

so a very nice weather -we to play outside

we have so much fun- greetings from coolen Luxembourg PIPO

we are 4 week

in the middle of luck (in German Glück )

 cute as a button

today-we are 5 week

the weather is not fine here-don´t worry-we to play inside


uncle Oleg ( in the 4 week- 12 year ) send us flower-greetings

what do we do

every day ?

look on the pictures

we love Jürgen-we could eat him :-))

then play with the brother

we help of course by the housework :-))

we are 7 week

it´s all happening here

checkup- to inject- chip into- our vet. was here


our name are :

OUCH !!!!!! we have teeth :-))

Oops ! we are 6 week

& by the way-a drink on the milk-bar

and soo sweet are we now

we are today 8 week vet. Ulrich Möhnle- more info ? Click in the pict.

all is very good & very nice

Gin - Guinness - Gomez - Gerry - Guardian - Gigi & Giny

we make a lot of JOY

we to say good-bye

G i n y

G e r r y

G u a r d i a n

G u i n n e ss


Gigi is now very happy in the USA- she is alive with your grand-aunt Lucky Gambler (13 year )

G i n

G o m e z

we wish all little G´s a long & very happy dog-life